Small Bathroom Floor Plans
Spacious Design Ideas for
Creating Beautiful Bathroom Plan Designs

Small bathroom floor plans have one limiting factor in common, reduced floor space. The way I see around this problem is that you have to plan your cabinetry, sink, and tub or shower layout carefully. Look around your bathroom from top to bottom and view your space unconventionally, or from a new perspective.

Release your creativity by drawing out your bathroom layouts on graph paper. Small bathrooms should be easy to duplicate on graph paper by using a 1/4 inch scale: meaning each graph paper square equals to 1 foot if you are using graph paper that has four squares to every inch.

Some bathroom design ideas to help you plan your small bathroom floor plans are:

  • Use the space above your vanity mirror

  • Install a small wooden bench that has storage space

  • Design your linen cabinet to double up as a laundry hamper

  • Place a drawer at the bottom, just below the sink plumbing compartment

  • Create a small storage area above your tub

  • Install a pocket door versus a swinging door

  • Use a pedastal sink instead of a vanity cabinet

Space above Your Vanity Mirror
Think of using space such as above your vanity mirror. In bathroom plans with a standard eight foot ceiling height, there is room for cabinetry above the mirror. A good cabinetmaker can fabricate a cabinet to match your vanity. This area can take a cabinet about 20 to 22 inches in height and can have a light attached to the bottom of the cabinet if you want focused light above your sink.

Small Wooden Bench
A small bench can serve two purposes. One purpose of course would be to sit down while you are in your bathroom. So many bathrooms have no sitting area other than the room's toilet, a place not so comfortable for sitting.

The other purpose of this bench could be some additional storage space. Every bathroom can use more storage space and a small bench can be used to store towels, paper rolls, some medical supplies and equipment, or other large items you want in your bathroom.

Linen Cabinet as a Clothes Hamper
Another space saving idea is to have a linen cabinet double up as a clothes hamper. Most linen cabinets are built from floor to ceiling. Divide the cabinet into two equal parts top to bottom. The top part can serve as your linen storage area, while the bottom can serve as an area to place a clothes basket and have your dirty laundry deposited as the laundry accumulates.

A Useful Drawer Under Your Sink
Many vanity cabinets are built with tilt out doors directly under the sink area. These tilt out doors are of little use. I like to remove these tilt outs and move the doors up to just under the sink. Then at the very bottom, I have my cabinet maker build in a drawer directly under the sink's doors that house the plumbing. In this way you can have one additional drawer that has a more functional use.

Storage Above the Tub
Sometimes there is room to place a storage area above the tub. This works best if your ceiling height in your bathroom is 9 feet or more. But even in an 8 foot ceiling height a small area for storage can be built in above your tub, especially useful in very small bathroom floor plans.

Install a Pocket Door
Installing a pocket door versus a swinging door can save on space. A pocket door has to have room for installing into the wall where the entry to your bathroom is located. For example, a 3 foot door would need approximately 6 feet of wall space to handle the pocket door frame. This frame must be installed prior to covering up the walls with sheetrock.

Other than the space that is required inside of the wall, pocket doors are great space savers.

Save Space Installing a Pedestal Sink
Another great space saver is a pedestal sink when there is little or no extra room to install a vanity cabinet in your small bathroom floor plan. A pedastal sink takes up less room, but has some disadvantages.

One disadvantage is there is no room to place items such as how you would on your countertop of a vanity cabinet. Another disadvantage, depending on the type of pedestal sink, you may have some of your plumbing exposed underneath the sink.

The advantages are they are great space savers, look clean and neat, add character to any bathroom design, and can be less expensive to install if you are building new or remodeling a bathroom.

These ideas can help maximize the functionality of your small bathroom floor plans.

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