Small Bathroom Designs

Small on Space - Big on Ideas

Small bathroom designs come in many different shapes and sizes. Many homes have only one bathroom, while other homes have multiple bathrooms. In most newly constructed homes with multiple bathrooms you usually have a master bathroom, a hall or guest bathroom, and sometimes a half bath or more.

Whether your home has multiple bathrooms, or just one, there are certain things that can make your small bathroom design function quite well. A small bathroom provides much less space for storage, bathroom cabinetry, and other elements. Proper planning can make your small bathroom designs get the most from the available space by incorporating the things that matter most to you.

How to Make the Most
of Your Small Bathroom Design

Small Bathroom Pedestal SinkWhether you are constructing a new bathroom or engaging in bathroom remodeling, there are some things you can plan for to help you control spending and reduce the time needed to finish the project. Below are some ideas to help you plan any changes to your bathroom:

  • Ask a professional tradesman or contractor where you might obtain some small bathroom floor plans to help you generate a plan of action

  • Small bathroom makeovers can greatly improve your bathroom's design. Request quotes to obtain cost estimates and a materials list

  • Carefully consider what will be removed, replaced, and reused in your small bathroom makeover to control overall costs

  • Consider if any plumbing or walls need to move or be replaced

  • Choose between using small bathroom vanities or a small bathroom pedestal sink dictated by available space

  • Select your small bathroom mirror so that you can check its availability locally, or possibly special order your mirror

  • Begin to check local tile suppliers, magazines, the web, and other sources for small bathroom tile ideas

  • Consider the paint colors and textures that you will use on the walls

  • Finally, gather some ideas from various sources to finalize your small bathroom makeover such as towel bars, toilet paper holders, grab bars, soap dishes, cabinet hardware, and other small decorative ideas

Other Small Bathroom Design Considerations

Unfortunately, redesigning your bathroom over and over until you get things just right is very cost prohibitive. This is where careful planning; researching; and if possible, seeing how different homeowners have designed their bathrooms can help you form some ideas.

Sometimes seeing and touching the cabinets, walls, fixtures, and other things in a nicely designed bathroom helps to develop your personal style. If there are several new homes under construction in your area, visiting these homes at or near completion can help you see some great examples of good and bad design.

Other things to consider while giving your bathroom a makeover are:

  • What are your needs: storage space, drawers, counter top space, or large linen cabinets

  • What style or design do you want on the front of your cabinet doors

  • Do you need a tub shower combination or just a shower

  • What style of toilet do you want to use, a standard or comfort height, round or oval

  • Consider choices of lighting such as wall lights, ceiling lights, or a combination of those bathroom lighting fixtures combined with natural light such as sundomes
  • Plan for any windows that may be included in your bathroom design: size, obscure or clear glass

The important thing to remember is that you can design things any way you want so long as its within your budget. Working with a contractor can sometimes result in having quality work performed with a few extras thrown into your design without any additional cost.

Each contractor will work with you differently. Getting two or three quotes; for example, may lead to getting more for less money.

Design Tip: Do you have a really small bathroom that has very limited space? Consider installing a pocket door that slides to the left or right into a framed pocket. This type of door will prevent using up valuable floor space that is required to swing a door open that leads into your bathroom.

Installing pocket doors in new construction projects can be easily planned for as the home is being constructed. But attempting to install a pocket door when remodeling a bathroom can be considerably more challenging. Some things to consider when installing a pocket door are:

  • Is there enough room to install the pocket door frame
  • Are there any plumbing or electrical lines passing through the area needed for the pocket door frame
  • What size of door are you wanting to install

Note: Use caution when driving nails or screws into the area where the door slides in the pocketed frame. Ensure that the door's pocket cavity is free from all obstructions. Any object that comes in contact with the pocket door, even as light as paper,plastic, or a small splinter of wood can cause streaks, scratches, or holes in the door panel as the door slides in and out of the pocket frame.

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