Double Bathroom Sink Cabinet

Creating Personal Space for Two

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinet A double bathroom sink cabinet is one way to create some personal space in your bathroom. A double sink helps you avoid standing in line each morning waiting your turn for using the bathroom sink.

For years, my home had only one bathroom sink. Then along came our two little girls, and we quickly had four people lining up each morning to use the sink and mirror. A double bathroom sink cabinet was just the right thing to install to resolve the overcrowding of personal space in the bathroom.

Some important things to consider when thinking about installing a double bowl cabinet are:

  • Do you need a second sink in your bathroom

  • Do you have the space that allows two sinks to be installed side-by-side without creating a crowded environment

  • Will you install a single cabinet with double sinks or install a split cabinet where you have a single sink in each of two cabinets that are separate in your bathroom

  • Will the double sink fit in your construction budget

Space for the double cabinet

A double bowl cabinet will need enough space to allow two sinks to be installed where you won't be bumping elbows with someone using the other sink next to you. Installing a double sink cabinet where the sinks are too close together actually defeats the intended purposes of having two sinks.

In a situation where two sinks are forced into a small vanity that does not provide ample space, personal comfort will indeed suffer. The ideal scenario is for two people to have room to move while using the two sinks simultaneously without feeling overcrowded.

The sinks need a minimum of approximately 10 inches of space between them, and about 8 inches of space on the outside areas between the sink edge and the wall, then personal space should feel less crowded.

Design Tip: If your space is limited and does not allow your cabinet to have a double sink installed in one single line cabinet where the two sinks are side-by-side, then consider splitting your cabinet in two sections. Try looking at your available space to see you can design your bathroom to have two separate single sink vanity cabinets installed.

These could be on different walls, the same wall with something built in between the two sinks such as other cabinets or a shower, or the two sinks could possibly be built into an "L" shaped cabinet design with a sink installed on each leg of the "L" shape.

Your Construction Budget and the Double Bathroom Sink Cabinet

When constructing a new home or a remodeling project, controlling your construction budget is very important. Its so easy to allow costs to get out of control if you allow your emotions to control your budget more than your common sense.

If you are considering installing a double bathroom sink cabinet, then here are some things that will increase your construction costs:

  • Your cabinetry costs will increase due to having more linear feet of cabinetry. Most cabinetry is sold at a price per linear foot or by the type of wood used such as ash, oak, birch, or any other type of wood. Expect to pay for a minimum of 3 additional linear feet of cabinetry needed for a single sink cabinet to allow room for the second sink. This of course all depends on your space and final cabinet design.

  • Plumbing costs will increase. Your actual plumbing of the drain and water supply lines is minimal for your second sink, but expect to spend money on your second sink faucet and an additional sink.

    Bathroom sinks vary in price according to style, color, brand, and the material the sink is made from such as ceramic, glass, stainless steel, granite composite, or other materials. Keep in mind you may pay more for installation of a single or double sink installation in a counter top surface such as granite where the sink is installed as an undermount. For example, granite installers may charge extra for having to smooth the granite edges for installing under mount sinks, charges that are incurred due to the increase in labor.

  • Another cost to consider having an increase is your mirror. If you have a straight line cabinet, the overall length of the mirror will almost double. If you split the two sinks on different walls, then you still have to provide a mirror for each sink, doubling the mirror costs either way.

  • Finally, the cost of lighting is also an area where you may find an increase in construction costs. Most often, a situation where a double bathroom sink cabinet will fit adequately, you will have a bathroom size requiring more lighting. Therefore, you may consider having a light fixture installed over each sink, or installing a larger light fixture over the center line of both sinks.

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