Discount Bathroom Vanities

Ready Made Cabinets to Meet Your Budget

Discount bathroom vanities provide a great way to have a beautiful bathroom when working with a particular budget. Most often, bathrooms only have a few cabinet pieces so cost replacement or new installation of discount cabinetry is low to moderate.

When shopping for discount bathroom vanities or any discount cabinets for your bathroom, look for labels on already assembled cabinets. Two common labels used to identify discount cabinets are:

  • Ready to Install

  • Ready to Finish

The materials used to make these cabinets can vary between particle board to solid woods of different kinds. Ask lots of questions to your sales associate in the store you make your purchases so that you know what you are buying.

The Difference Between

Ready to Install and Ready to Finish

Ready to install cabinets are completely finished with a paint, or stain and varnish. There are only a few color choices available in the ready-made cabinet. There is usually just one stain color and possible white or black cabinets.

Your disadvantage to using these types of cabinets is that you must work within the sizes that are available. Any gaps between the ends of your cabinets and the walls are easily covered up by trim pieces. Ask your cabinet sales person for guidance on the trim products needed to finish an installation.

The only thing you need for ready to install cabinets is the proper dimensions of the cabinets that you need. Ready to install cabinets come in standard sizes that you can piece together to make up your bathroom cabinetry.

On the other hand, ready to finish cabinets need paint or stain and varnish to be finished. These type of cabinets may cost less but require some level of work to apply the finish.

Design Tip: Most vendors of ready to install or ready to finish cabinets provide a service to help customers plan the size and quantities of the cabinets needed. By providing a sketch of your bathroom dimensions and the type of cabinets you are interesting in installing, you will help your salesperson quickly provide the various cabinets you need.

Keep in mind that you will need to provide floor dimensions and ceiling heights to allow your salesperson to plan for tall cabinets in your bathroom.

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