Bathroom Wall Tile

Taking Your Creativity Up the Wall

Bathroom wall tile is like using a painters palette to create tile patterns with class. There are simply thousands of possible patterns that only require your imagination to wander for unique, yet beautiful bathroom wall tile ideas to become reality.

You no longer need to restrict your creativity to decorating your tub and shower walls or your bathroom floor. Let your imagination take you higher and higher up the walls, literally. Some benefits of using tile to decorate your walls are:

  • Tile is easy to maintain

  • There are very few limits to all available patterns displaying the size, color, and quantities of tile chosen

  • Wall tile adds beauty and truly compliments other areas of your bathroom

Tile High or Tile Low

Whether to tile high or to tile low is a matter of preference. One application of a low tile design would be to replace all of your wood trim in your bathroom, for example, with a tiled baseboard. You could use a 4 inch X 4 inch base cove tile with a small quarter round trim to top the cove.

The cove is a special tile piece used to finish of the bottom edge of your baseboard, a piece that has a special curve along the bottom of the tile piece that curves outward. While, quarter round trim is simply a long, rounded piece of tile that cleanly finishes a tiled edge. Any tile vendor should be able to show you different finish edges available such as quarter rounds or bull nose tile pieces.

There really is no best method to use here, only a preferred method. The final decision will rest on whether you like the looks of a quarter round over the looks of using a bull nose or other tile piece.

Tile Design Half Wall Only

Design Tip: One method of using wall tile to decorate your bathroom is to tile an area of your walls half way up the wall. You will need to pay close attention to the heights of such things as light switches, window sills, towel bars, cabinets, or any other things that may obstruct your top row of tile. This wall tile design is in a small bathroom no more than 7 or 8 foot deep.

The ideal height would be to tile about three or four inches below the height of your light switches. This height usually will provide a clear path all around the bathroom free of obstructions. Of course, this all depends on your overall bathroom design such as in the bathroom photo shown where the window is slightly obstructing the tiled border design along the top edge of this tiled wall.

This type of design is plain and simple. The design is made up five basic parts:

  • The top row is a 3 inch by 6 inch bone colored bullnose end piece

  • Next is a 3 inch by 6 inch brown border design

  • Below the border is a 6 inch by 6 inch bone colored field tile making up the largest part of the design

  • Along the bottom row is a 6 inch by 6 inch bone colored base cove, a special

  • The fifth piece of this type of bathroom wall tile design is the special tile pieces that you will need to go around inside and outside corners.

Overall, this bathroom wall tile is a simple, low cost tile design with exception of the border decorative pieces close to the top. Decorative pieces do cost a little more, but the effect on a tile design is worth the extra expense so long as you control the total number of pieces needed. Easy to keep clean, and looks great!

Talk to a tile supplier in your local area to see these pieces in person. Ask plenty of questions to understand how they are used in your project.

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