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Designing Beautiful Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom wall cabinets are in some cases a necessity, yet may not fit into your ideal bathroom design. Cabinetry has a way of beautifying your bathroom because each cabinet is like a piece of furniture. The right size, shape, color, and functionality of your bathroom wall cabinets are what will make them fit well in any design, so long as you have the room for such extra cabinetry.

Determining the Right Size and Shape

There are some bathroom designs that are very restricted in the design and planning stage of your bathroom wall cabinets. Space sometimes is difficult to work with when you have walls in the way, or plumbing in all the wrong places.

In determining the right size and shape of your wall mounted bathroom cabinets you must know the measurements of the size and shape of the cabinets you want and what size of area you have available to place them. If you have a small bathroom to work your designs, then you may have little to plan for in the size and shape stage of your bathroom wall cabinets project.

Consequently, making some decisions that will increase the amount of space may be an option to consider. One such option to increase your available bathroom floor space is to have a wall moved outward increasing the bathroom's total square foot area. Otherwise, in a small bathroom setting you may have to settle for less cabinetry overall.

If you plan to increase your bathrooms size by moving a wall, check to see what other problems may arise such as plumbing or electrical wires that may need to be moved prior to moving out a wall. Or check what is on the other side of the wall you want to move to ensure no other surprises await you.

An ideal situation is one where you have plenty of storage room, yet you do not overcrowd your available space. Finding the right balance for your situation is done through careful planning.

Design Tip: If you have no flooring such as tile or plan to change your flooring in your bathroom, draw on the floor just how your cabinets will fit into your bathroom. Draw out the exact size and shape (length and depth) that your bathroom wall cabinets will occupy so you can begin to get a clear picture of the space needed to have the cabinet design you want.

By drawing out the design of your bathroom wall cabinets on the floor, you can actually stand in the areas where you would normally stand while using your cabinetry. This allows you to make adjustments in the shape or size of your cabinetry before you incur any expenses.

The Use of Templates or Design Software

Templates or home design software may help you visualize how everything fits into your bathroom space.

There are several user-friendly Floor Plan Design software programs available to help you create your perfect bathroom. Some of these programs are in 3-D and will actually give you a much better feel for how things will look and feel once your project is done.

If cost of purchasing software is something you do not want to consider. Try creating a simple template on graph paper where each square represents one foot of your bathroom. Mark any doors, windows, tub or shower and toilet. This may help you visualize your bathroom design without incurring too much expense.

Create small cut outs of the cabinets you want also using graph paper and place them on your template. If your bathroom has the ample space, using this simple method on graph paper will allow you to move pieces around until you find the right design.

Selecting the Right Color

Cabinet color is really a matter of your personal taste. There are different colors of paints and stains that can bring out the beauty of your wood patterns and unique cabinet designs.

There are different finishes to consider whether you use paint or stain on your cabinetry. Some of the more common choices are:

  • Gloss

  • Semi Gloss

  • Satin

There are other finishes available depending on whether you are painting or staining. Consult your paint professional or paint supplier for finishes readily available in your area.

If you are finishing cabinets installed in new construction, then I recommend finding a sample piece of wood just like what is used in making your cabinets. Use this piece of wood to paint or stain small sections so that you can begin getting a feel for how things will look.

If the paint is brushed on, you will most likely have paint brush marks show up when the project is done. For cabinetry, brush marks are not very appealing, especially when made of a quality hardwood. A professional painter would know how to use proper mixtures of lacquer and paint to coat your bathroom wall cabinets the desired color using a paint sprayer and compressor. The paint sprayer and compressor will leave a smooth glass like finish to your cabinetry. The result: beautiful bathroom cabinets you will enjoy allowing others to see.

Creating Functionality

The most important factor in the area of function is the flow of things. Having to cross the room to use a towel to dry your hands, or having the door swing the wrong direction, or even having too few or too many cabinets can create a condition of poor flow, poor functionality. When thinking of function, I like to look at bathroom designs in areas of:

  • Good flow throughout the bathroom

  • Proper size and fit of your cabinets in your bathroom

  • Efficient cabinet door to drawer ratio

  • Sufficient height of your cabinets

  • Plenty of needed storage space

Another important factor is the proper size and fit. Making cabinets too large or too small for the area the cabinets occupy looks as if you failed to plan properly, making your cabinets almost seem out of place. In addition, poor planning also restricts your ability to have good functional storage areas.

A good ratio between the number of cabinet doors versus cabinet drawers is important also. A good ratio is pleasing to the eye, and also helps to provide a variety of storage methods. Furthermore, if your drawers use the full extension drawer glides, you increase the functionality of your bathroom design simply by increasing the accessibility of your cabinet drawers.

The height of a cabinet, such as a vanity cabinet for example, can be selected according to the users needs. Tall individuals may not feel comfortable using a standard height vanity cabinet at 32 inches tall. Yet an individual that is not tall may not feel comfortable using a taller vanity cabinet that is 36 inches tall. Vanity cabinets, and other such type cabinetry, should be built at a height that meet the needs of their users, thereby increasing the bathroom's functionality.

Finally, the total amount of storage space is a way of creating good function in your bathroom wall cabinets. A lack of needed space can create a lack of good function, whereas too much storage space may result in unused space, another lack of good functionality. Having too much unused space many times causes us to bring things into the bathroom for storage that we otherwise would not think about storing in bathroom cabinets.

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