Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Choosing the right lights for your bathroom vanity cabinets

Bathroom vanity lighting is one of the most important elements of your bathroom design. Choosing the best bathroom vanity lights is important to provide you with sufficient light while using your bathroom vanity cabinet. Deciding the level of light that is best is a matter of personal need or preference. Some things to consider when choosing lights are:

  • The overall size of your bathroom. Smaller bathrooms do not need large lights, yet larger bathrooms with larger open spaces do need larger lights to illuminate the area well.

  • How many lights to use. Some light fixtures come with multiple light bulb applications. Typically, a single light fixture or one 2-light fixture is acceptable in a half bath or small bathroom. Whereas, a 3-light fixture is better when you have a small to medium sized bathroom. Yet a 4-light or more light fixture may cast better light in larger open spaces of larger bathrooms.

  • The overall length of your vanity cabinet. In most cases, the longer your vanity cabinet, the more likely you will use more than one light above your vanity cabinet. This could be a pair of 3-light or 4-light fixtures.

Design Tip: Having enough bright light above your vanity cabinet is important for a number of reasons. If you do not want bright light above your vanity at all times, consider using a lighting fixture that provides a bright light but wired to a dimmer switch. In this way you have control over the amount of light at all times and can use the bright light only when necessary. Having a dimmer switch to turn up the bright lights when you need them is better than needing a bright light and your bathroom vanity lighting does not have but a dim light.

Choosing the perfect color
Light fixtures come in many different colors. Your choice of color will depend largely on your preference and the overall theme of your colors of tile, cabinets, counter tops, faucets, and cabinet hardware used in your bathroom project. Some of your standard color or style choices include:

  • Polished chrome

  • Polished brass

  • Brushed nickel

  • Rustic

  • Iron

  • Mirrored

Many bathroom lighting fixtures come with glass bulbs of different shapes, sizes, textures, and glass thickness. The glass bulbs come in either clear glass, frosted glass, or colored in various design patterns. These bulbs can also be color coordinated to your overall design.

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