Bathroom Towel Bars

Find Just the Right Style and Color
to Give Your Bathroom Deocrations

Bathroom towel bars are a focal point of your bathroom decorating creations. Towel bars are one of those types of accessories that are difficult to do without, and leave you deciding if you want to use them for hanging your wet towels after your shower or use them for hanging your beautiful decorative towel sets. There are many styles, colors, sizes, shapes, and materials of towel bars readily available. For example, some of the available standard colors to choose from are:

  • Chrome

  • Polished Brass

  • Brushed Nickel

  • Pewter

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Antique Brass

Sometimes you will find a combination of colors such as towel bars with polished brass and chrome combination, or chrome and ceramic, for example. In addition, you can also find various styles of towel bars such as the standard bar that you mount to the wall outside of your shower area.

Then you also have your ceramic and plastic or aluminum combination towel bar that you can have installed on your shower wall in your tiled areas. These are especially useful for hanging wet items out to dry within the tiled areas where dripping water will not be a problem.

Planning the Space for Towel Bars
Whether you are engaged in a remodeling project or new construction, planning for the space to install towel bars is essential. I have seen many projects where finding the space to install a towel bar is difficult due to a lack of space, especially in small bathrooms.

Carefully planning that includes such things as the overall length of towel bars desired, how many bars are needed, and if there are any obstructions or things a towel will cover up while hanging on the bar can help avoid problems. The ideal situation is to have the area that the towel will occupy free from all other items such as toilet paper holders, grab bars, or light switches.

For larger families, a towel rack where multiple towels are hung may be an option. Towel racks offer more hanging space in a limited area over a single bathroom towel bar.

Design Tip: Finding the space to install one towel bar in your bathroom is sometimes difficult, much less finding the space to install two bars. If two towel bars are needed in place of one, consider using a double towel bar unit. These towel bars take up less space than if you hang two towel bars, and yet allow space for two people using separate towels.

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