Bathroom Shower Stalls

A Perfect Fit for Small Bathroom Designs

Bathroom shower stalls come in several styles and colors. The main difference between a standard shower and a shower stall is that your standard shower is built from the ground up, piece by piece and then tiled at the end of the project.

A bathroom shower stall usually comes in 1 or 2 pieces and gets installed as a unit. Sometimes the installation guidelines request that a frame be constructed to house the shower stall.

Design Tip: . . . Very Important Note . . . If you are building a new home or planning a remodeling project and are considering a bathroom shower stall, especially a one piece unit, you must take all doorway and hallway dimensions in order to plan bringing your new shower unit into the home.

For example, most new construction projects have openings large enough to bring in these units in the early stages of construction. But if you are remodeling then you may encounter problems bringing in prefabricated units that are made at the factory.

If you really feel like you must have a bathroom shower stall that is prefabricated in a newly remodeled bathroom, then you may have to consider opening up an outside wall. This of course is assuming your bathroom is on an outside wall somewhere within your home.

The stalls prefabricated today are made of plastic, fiberglass, or acrylic. I like to look at the quality of these options as:

  • Plastic: cheap or discount option - plastic units are most often very thin and lightweight - not very durable - develop cracks over time

  • Fiberglass: better option - price is mid range in comparison to the other options - can damage easily with scratches which will dull finish - more durable - still somewhat thin in comparison to acrylic

  • Acrylic: best option - most expensive of the three options - most durable - considered a higher quality - thicker and stronger overall

Other options are available for constructing a small shower stall in your bathroom. There are many possibilities of using glass, either . . .

framed or frame-less, . . .

to design your new bathroom shower stall. This option can be more expensive, especially if using the frame-less option.

Glass that is used for shower walls and doors is tempered safety glass with smooth edges. A very strong a safe glass to use in your bathroom. This glass comes in many colors and finish designs which can affect the over all price of using this option. Some colors of glass are clear, smoke grey, and frosted. Some of the designs can be the standard flat smooth surface, grooved lines, etched design, rain drop, and mirror finishes.

The frames used in framed glass has different colors available also. The aluminum used in these frames comes in your standard chrome finish, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, white, and almond. Color tone of frames and glass may vary from vendor to vendor so its always best to be able to personally see sample colors whenever possible prior to purchasing.

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