Bathroom Mirrors
A Reflection of
Your Personal World

Bathroom mirrors come in many sizes, styles, and designs that add style and beauty to any bathroom design. In addition, mirrors are used for decorating space, giving an illusion of more space, and for personal use such as grooming or simply seeing our reflection.

A mirror is a reflective surface, most often a glass surface when used in bathroom design, that casts an image by reflecting light. The standard mirror for bathroom designs in many homes are plane mirrors, flat panels of reflective glass that can take many sizes and shapes.

These flat planes of mirror can be large or small, square or rectangular, or take any shape imaginable. Even tiled mirror pieces can create a beautiful decorative look.

Some ideas for using mirrors are:

  • Bathroom wall mirrors to create the illusion of a larger bathroom

  • Bathroom vanity mirrors for personal reflection above your bathroom vanity

  • Bathroom mirror medicine cabinet to place small items

  • Bathroom tilting mirrors used to tilt mirrors in an angle for better viewing

  • Bathroom mirror frames or unframed mirrors

  • Floating mirrors are used to create a different look using mirrors

Design Tip: If you planning on using mirrors above your bathroom vanity that require the use of mounting hardware such as screws or bolts, such as in the use of tilting mirrors, you may need bracing in the walls for additional support.

Whether in new construction or remodeling, you may want to have wood blocks nailed into place in between the studs at the height where any mounting hardware may be installed.

These wood blocks are simple preventive measures to ensure, that regardless of the weight of your mirrors, you will not experience any problems with your mirror hardware not holding the mirror in place. Any mounting hardware installed directly into wallboard may have a tendency to become loose over time, especially a heavier mirror installation.

Where to look for mirrors

If you are involving a contractor in your new construction or remodeling project chances are that they will provide a source for your mirror needs. Most contractors have a business relationship established with a glass and mirror installer that can show you various mirror design options.

Otherwise, you may visit such places as glass and mirror supply stores, specialty design stores, or home improvement centers that have several mirror options which to consider in your bathroom designs.

When planning for the installation of any mirror, try to visualize the images your mirror will reflect. Planning for this in advance may ensure that your mirror reflects things you want to see in your mirror, versus things that you may feel do very little to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

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