Bathroom Light Fixtures

Casting Light on Your Bathroom Designs

Bathroom light fixtures come in many styles, colors, and sizes. When I think of bathroom lighting design, I think of any object that can provide light whether the source uses natural light or generates light from an electrical source. Such light sources are:

Electrical Lights Sources:

  • Bathroom vanity lighting

  • Bathroom exhaust fans

  • Bathroom ceiling lights

  • Bathroom wall lighting fixtures

  • Modern bathroom lights

Natural Light Sources:
  • Windows

  • Skylights or reflective sun domes

In many cases, a combination of these sources are used to obtain a good source of efficient, yet effective bathroom lighting design. When used in combination, electrical light sources are used in dark areas or at night, while natural light sources also provide light in dark areas but during the day when the sun shines bright.

Design Tip: When planning your light fixtures, consider implementing lighting from an electrical source as well as a natural light source. Natural light can come from windows, skylights, or tubular sun domes. By using a natural light source, you can save on your electricity bill each month by reducing the need to turn on a bathroom light during daylight hours.

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