Bathroom Floor Tile

Add a Touch of Luxury

Even for the most frugal minded, bathroom floor tile adds a touch of luxury to your perfect bathroom. Of all the flooring options available, tile is a good choice for bathroom floors due to its durability and moisture resistance.

When estimating costs and materials for your bathroom remodel or new construction project, Measure the areas to be covered, excluding any areas under fixed units such as cabinetry and bathtubs.

In most cases, bathrooms are small in comparison to other rooms in the home. Therefore, bathroom floor tile is one area where you can increase your budget spending within reason. Use caution if tempted to incorporate tile design patterns if rising project costs are becoming a problem. Keep things simple if you want to control costs, and design patterns all you want if cost is not factor.

Design Tip: As you plan your tile projects, discuss any type of patterns or designs with your tile setting professional. Be sure that any extra charges for patterns or designs are thoroughly discussed. For example, if the pattern requires several additional cuts that would not otherwise be made, then you may incur some additional charge.

Other additional costs may be incurred by any additional materials such as tile of different colors and sizes that are included in the tile designs or patterns.

Creating tile designs and patterns is a very quick and easy way to add style and class to your bathroom design. Here is a short list of ideas that you may want to use in your patterns:

  • Create a border around the perimeter of the open floor space

  • Block off a small section in front of your bathtub approximately 20 inches X 36 inches for a design pattern

  • Alternate two different colors of tile to make a checkerboard pattern

  • Lay tile in a square pattern and clip the corners of every other intersecting line: insert a coordinating 2 inch X 2 inch or a 3 inch X 3 inch piece

  • Lay tile in a brick pattern

  • Lay tile in a diamond shaped pattern

Whether you are engaged in a bathroom remodeling project or your new home is under construction, many of these bathroom ideas can be incorporated into your project. Some things to consider when creating tile patterns for your bathroom floor tile:

  • How much additional material is needed for the design you are considering

  • What additional charge will patterns or designs cost

  • Request that your tile setter work with you to come up with several design options

  • Can any leftover materials or scrap pieces be incorporated into the designs to control spending

  • What other options are available

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