Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

A Different Viewpoint of
Space - Style - and Function

Implementing bathroom cabinet ideas which emphasize space, style, and function is a matter of your own personality, needs, and project spending plan. One or two individuals are not going to need the same amount of space-for example, that a family of five will need.

You may like white cabinets, while others in your household may like bathroom cabinets that are stained and varnished. Every bathroom needs some variety of bathroom cabinetry which may include such cabinets as:

  • Bathroom vanity cabinets to display your bathroom sink and bathroom vanity countertops

  • Possibly a double bathroom sink cabinet for double sink installations

  • Bathroom medicine cabinets to store away small toiletries, cosmetics, and medications

  • Bathroom wall cabinets or bathroom storage cabinets for additional storage of bathroom related items

  • Bathroom linen cabinets for storing bath towels, linens, and even dirty laundry

  • A corner bathroom vanity or pedestal sink for bathrooms with limited space

  • Discount bathroom vanities for those on a fixed budget

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet Space

Think of bathroom cabinetry space in terms of surface space, storage space, and total area space. Each of these space elements warrant your attention to detail to make everything flow well together. Careful planning will help reduce that cluttered feeling in your bathroom.

Surface Space

The surface space used by bathroom cabinet designs should be sufficient for placing items on the counter that you use most often. Too small of surface space means you will have to place a small table or shelf nearby your sink to place these items.

Consider the types of items you will be placing on the bathroom countertop such as decorations, toiletries, or cosmetics. Do you think you will need a 2 foot counter top? Maybe a 4 foot? Or would a 6 foot counter top suit your needs better?

Storage Space

Furthermore, storage space is very important too. Think about the size and quantities of the things you may want to store in the bathroom cabinets. Many of those things may require larger bathroom storage cabinet areas. Too few cabinets is as much a problem as too many.

To avoid bathroom storage problems, take into consideration the things you intend to store in the cabinets. Such things as:

  • Rolls of bathroom tissue

  • Bars of soap

  • Bath towels and other linens

  • First Aid kits

  • Combs, hair dryers, sprays and gels

  • Cosmetics and other toiletries

  • Bathroom decorations

After viewing the above list, you can easily understand that these items can accumulate rather quickly. In addition, they can consume much of the space in several storage cabinets of your bathroom. Nonetheless, careful planning for the needed space to store all these things out of sight into various cabinets will help keep your bathroom organized and beautiful.

Total Area Space

Finally, the total area space of your bathroom cabinet ideas is important to consider to prevent overcrowding. Too many cabinets can make your bathroom feel cluttered and small. Cabinets that are too big for the area can also disrupt the flow of your bathroom cabinet ideas.

On the other hand, not enough cabinetry to meet your needs may well prove frustrating in the long run. Careful planning with your contractor or design professional could help prevent troublesome issues in the future.

The total area space is the volume of space taken up by your cabinetry. Carefully consider the width, length, and height of each cabinet to ensure they fit well in the planned space.

Planning for sufficient surface, storage, and total area space will prevent having to use other cabinets in your home for items you would otherwise store in your bathroom cabinets.

Design Tip: Installing adjustable shelving in your bathroom cabinet ideas will increase the functionality of the bathroom storage space. This will allow you to adjust the bathroom cabinet shelves according to your needs.

Whether you have your bathroom cabinetry custom built or ready-made, have adjustable shelf railings installed on the inside of the cabinets where possible in order to apply shelving clips to hold your shelves at the desired heights.

Bathroom Cabinet Style

Your bathroom cabinet style incorporates the overall look and feel that your bathroom cabinet ideas will have when everything is in its place. Some things to consider to help you form a style that fits your personality are:

  • Your bathroom cabinetry dimensions

  • The color of paint or stain chosen

  • Deciding between wood, metal, or discount cabinets

  • The overall quality of cabinetry selected

Bathroom Cabinet Functionality

Functionality is important because every part of your bathroom cabinet ideas should function well together to contribute making that perfect bathroom. Sometimes changing the placement of your cabinets can make the bathroom feel larger. Sometimes your bathroom floor plans prevent you from moving cabinetry around, but rather force you into deciding rather to include or exclude the cabinetry piece.

Equally important for both space and functionality, avoid using bathroom cabinets that are too large for the bathroom. Keep all cabinetry in perspective, relevant to size, of the available space. Sometimes it is tempting to build a linen cabinet, for example, very large. Good bathroom design ideas make good use of how things function with each other.

Just the opposite is important to avoid. Using cabinets that are too small for your needs make little sense. Bathroom medicine cabinets can sometimes fall into this category. Make the bathroom medicine cabinet large enough to hold the things you need to keep close at hand.

Design Tip: Do you have bathroom cabinet drawers that you can't see what is inside of them because they do not open all the way?
Drawer Using Full Extension Drawer SlidesUpgrade your cabinet drawer slides to full extension drawer slides to resolve that problem.

A full extension slide allows cabinet drawers to be pulled out completely, instead of partially when using a standard drawer slide.

With full extension drawer slides, cabinet drawers come out far enough so that the back of the drawer is flush with the front of the cabinetry. The entire drawer contents is accessible and brought into your view.

Although this is a small change, its definitely a change that makes a big difference in how your bathroom cabinet ideas can improve your overall comfort and convenience.

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