Bathroom Bowl Sinks

Let Round Compliment Your Decorating Style

Porcelain Bowl SinkBathroom bowl sinks are very common in the design of round bathroom sinks. What is very different are the various shapes, colors, materials, and styles available to homeowners.

Do you want to stay with a round sink, but be different in your choice of design or color? Or do you want to stay with a round sink, yet select a color, other than the standard white color, that compliments your bathroom walls or cabinetry?

Round sinks rarely fail to compliment a bathroom design. Round sinks give a feeling of continuity because every part of the edge of the sink is an equal distance to its center. If you feel like round is just not your style, consider an oval shaped bathroom sink instead. The oval shape gives an elongated look to your sink, yet just as pleasing to the eye.

In my experience, I have found most bathrooms can function well with the common white sink, although a colored sink gives the bathroom a entirely different look and feel. A colored sink gives you different options for coordinating other plumbing fixtures such as your toilet, tub, shower, in addition to other items such as your vanity counter top, tile selection, or wall paint colors.

Bathroom bowl sinks come smooth, or textured, small or large, and with shallow or deep bowls. In addition, round sinks come in a variety of materials such as:

Copper Bowl Sink

  • Granite or a granite composite

  • Cultured marble

  • Porcelain

  • Ceramic

  • Glass

  • Stainless steel

  • Copper

  • Stone

  • Plastic or Acrylic

Choosing a bowl sink size is best done while considering the type of bathroom sink faucet that you want to use. For example, a larger bowl sink may have a better feel if you use a faucet having an 8 inch center set.

Design Tip: Faucets that come in 8 inch center sets simply means that from the center of the cold faucet handle to the center of the hot faucet handle there is 8 inches of space.

Consequently, 4 inch center sets go by the same rules, 4 inches from center of one handle to the other. If your faucet is a single handle faucet then of course this does not apply.

Before drilling any holes in your counter top, its very important to know what style of faucet works with your bathroom bowl sink.

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