Bathroom Accessories

The Finishing Touch
of Your Beautiful Bathroom Design

Bathroom accessories add that final piece to your bathroom design that gives your bathroom character. The quantity, quality, style, and color of your bathroom accessories, all personal preferences, work together to express your bathroom's identity.

When I think of accessories, I think of everything from the bathroom door hinges to cabinet door hardware, from faucets to towel bars and shower door frames. If at all possible, all of these items should have a matching or complementary finish or color.

Beautiful Bathroom Accessories

If you are choosing brushed nickel faucets, then your bathroom door hinges should be brushed nickel also, along with your towel bars and toilet paper holders and all of your chosen accessories. Its not all that uncommon to find mix and matched styles and colors when accessorizing a bathroom.

Some items may have two or more colors or finishes to allow some additional flexibility in choosing your bathroom accessory sets. Personal preference rules, if you like matching these things or mixing them up, there really is no wrong way of accessorizing, its what works for you that is important.

There are many hardware and accessories to consider for giving your bathroom a great look and feel. The most standard of these accessories are:

Other such hardware and accessories include:
  • Bathroom shower curtains

  • Bathroom grab bars

  • Cabinet drawer pulls

  • Toothbrush holders

  • Paint colors for bathrooms

  • Bathroom space saver

  • Bathroom scales

  • Bathroom mats

  • Bathroom magazine rack

  • Bathroom window curtains

  • Bathroom wallpaper

  • Bathroom art

Coordinating these accessories to other things that make up your bathroom design is important. Your cabinet hardware, for example, should coordinate well with your bathroom doorknob and door hinges.

Other items, such as your shower curtain, can be coordinated with your tile colors. The idea is to create your bathroom design in such a way that colors and styles do not clash with one another.

Design Tip: As you plan your bathroom design its always a good idea to think about what style and quantity of accessories you may implement into your design. Some accessories may take up counter, floor, or wall space that, if not accounted for from the very earliest of planning stages, you may find that you have left yourself very little room for them to be used comfortably.

Too little wall space for a towel bar is a common problem that I encounter in many bathroom designs. With a little forethought, any accessory can be implemented with ample space for their intended use.

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