Its Not About the Money,
Its About the Passion . . .

...a Short Journal of How I Discovered
My Personal Passion

Hello my name is Richard, all the way from the most southern tip of Texas, the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. Or how I like to joke about as being the land of hot, hot, and hotter and where any rising landmass from ground level is most likely not a very high altitude.

Photo About Me

As you look at the great state of Texas on a United States map, I am located a few miles from the border of Mexico and about an hours drive from the Texas coastline. Very close to South Padre Island, one of the places where all the college students come for Spring Break every year when they decide to visit South Texas.

To find me on the map you simply have to look at the very bottom tip of the state where you will find McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville, Texas, some of the larger cities of the Rio Grande Valley.

I often wondered why I remained living in south Texas heat, but south Texas has always been considered home, and so the mystery of attraction continues unresolved.

Without a doubt, I suppose you simply adjust to life wherever you lay stake as your home and strive to make the very best of things.

My Personal Principle . . .
. . . of Work and Money

Like many people, I often felt that harder work was to be rewarded with more money.

Do you believe my thinking was a little naive . . .? Maybe, but I kept looking wherever I could find opportunity to grow, only to find myself having lost any passion for my work.

Consequently, here I was working as an employee in a job that paid great, had great benefits, and was certainly secure, but I wanted nothing more than to get away from everything that had to do with that job and start over.

While entertaining thoughts of walking away from this job I often wondered where I would work and who would hire me with so few skills? Co-workers would often comment to me that they too wished they could just walk away. That left me thinking silently, why don't they walk away?

Then it struck me, I had worked hard to get nowhere in a job that wasn't my passion, and I knew at that moment that the job was definitely an important part of the foundation of a new discovery . . . what if I worked just as hard on something I was truly passionate about?

And how ugly life is when you feel trapped in a job with no passion. Don't you agree?

So off I went to find the answer to that personal, yet important question:

How do I find my passion?

A Rebirth of
Path, Passion, and Principle

My New Career Path

Upon working a small time job I picked up in between careers I felt I had picked up the wrong job . . . you know, that type of job where the principles were all wrong like working harder for more money without having the passion for what you are doing.

Quite frankly, I was just not in any big hurry to go there again. If I was going to work hard, the passion just had to be there too. When the passion is there, the work doesn't seem that hard at all.

The Discovery of a New Passion and Principle

Nevertheless, the further along I went in my new job, the more I learned about the construction trade. For when I started I knew what a hammer was, and I knew a nail when I saw one, but after that . . . I was quite clueless to all that construction terminology.

Within a few short months I realized I had discovered something that I really enjoyed doing, something that I could be passionate about, regardless of how much I was making. Consequently, I began to build upon that passion. I soon realized that my passion was not so much construction, but helping people express their own artistic talents that contributed to great home design. More evident was that I could clearly see that construction was merely the vehicle I was using to build upon my passion and reveal a new principle that concedes . . .

. . . its not about the money, but about the passion.

So the question remained . . . how could I further grow my passion?

The Solution

In evaluating my current situation I knew my passion was helping others and exercising my artistic talents in home design. So one day I was reading my email when I came across an e-zine from a company called Solo Build It, an email discussing new advances in what the company offered its members.

As I was reading along, I began thinking to myself that here is the answer of how I can take my passion to the next level. Here was a system that I could use outside of my regular job in construction, to push my passion to a level I could never reach on my own.

Initially, I discovered Solo Build It in 2005, but as another life event that I let pass me by, I simply allowed Solo Build It to be put aside for another day. At that time in my life I lacked something that I could be passionate about and use Solo Build It to promote that passion.

Then in June of 2009, I began to give Solo Build It another look. I began to focus on my passion and made the connection of how Solo Build It could help me improve my current situation. As I reviewed the information about Solo Build It, everything began to make sense to me, I felt positive that I made the right decision.

Take a look for yourself at the Video Tour to see how this works.

What is your passion? Take a look, visit my About Solo Build It! page to see if Solo Build It can improve your situation like it has improved mine.

If I can do this, so can you!

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive,
and believe, it can achieve."

Napoleon Hill

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