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Home Page Bathroom Design Bathroom Designs Makeover is your complete source for helping you make those important decisions for creating the perfect bathroom, large or small.

Hello and welcome to my site. I want to help draw out your personal creativity and style by guiding you through such important decisions as. . .

  • Selecting the right size, shape, color, and function for your bathroom cabinet ideas

  • Coordinating your cabinets with practical bathroom sink design

  • Helping you plan your small bathroom designs most visited by guests

  • Creating bathroom tile designs that are exciting and fascinating

  • Planning the perfect bathroom shower design that comforts and relaxes your every visit

  • Reflecting the perfect image by choosing the right bathroom mirrors

Beautiful bathrooms come in many styles, colors, and options. Does your bathroom give you the feeling that a complete makeover is needed? Is there that feeling that something is missing? Can something be remodeled to make this room feel different, or improved?

Design Tips: Throughout this website you will find great ideas posted at random sectioned off with the words: Design Tip. These tips are presented to help you focus on things I feel are helpful to improve your bathroom design experience. If you have a design tip that you feel would benefit others, please feel free to contact me with your tip and I will gladly consider passing the tip on to those visiting this website.

Reward yourself!

Even small changes can make a big difference. Small changes such as replacing mirrors, faucets, sinks, or other small accessories can change the looks completely. Some new paint on the walls and trim can also improve the looks of the room without too much added expense or work.

Major changes such as cabinetry, plumbing locations, tile, and overall structure can increase your costs, but leave you with a much improved atmosphere.

In addition to the ideas listed above, Bathroom Designs Makeover is your source for. . .

  • Choosing between general, direct, or natural bathroom lighting fixtures

  • Electing the style and color of your bathroom accessories

  • Determining whether to incorporate ADA designs, or . . . .

  • Deciding if Do-It-Yourself designs are a practical way to put your creativity and skills to good use

Your bathroom reveals many things about your personality, or maybe the personality of someone else if you were not the person that designed your bathroom. Perhaps your home was bought as an existing home and the style and colors are not quite your taste. Maybe you built your home new and over the years things have become dated or out of style, or simply no longer meet your personal needs.

The first step to take is to decide what you want to do. Think of the project from start to finish and ask yourself:

  • Do you want to perform small changes such as replacing cabinet hardware, mirrors, faucets, and changing the color of your walls, or....

  • Do you want to engage in big changes, a larger project where you will be removing old cabinets, replacing tile, toilets, tubs, and showers, or....

  • Are you building a new home or planning a major remodeling project and want to gather ideas or find various resources to help you create that perfect bathroom

Whatever your situation, your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home used the most often every day. Let Bathroom Designs Makeover help you visualize your own touch of class; your own touch of beauty.

If you are considering a new construction or remodeling project I want to encourage you to explore other pages of this site below. Each link in the following list will open another page on this site where I attempt to bring you one step closer to helping you design your dream bathrooms.

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